Other unique art styles emerged, such as the "matchstick" men of

Realists, especially in France, went further by placing their everyday genre scenes on large scale canvases - previously reserved for more highbrow or refined history works everyday life of ordinary people.

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But (like still lifes) a significant number of genre paintings do contain a moral tale.

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The foremost example of this category of art was the school of of the 17th century.

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Other influential practitioners included members of the American Scene Painting movement, such as Edward Hopper (1882-1967), and its offshoot the American Regionalism school whose genre painters included (1889-1975) and John Steuart Curry (1897-1946).

Still Life Painting An arrangement of domestic objects or everyday items.

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Another type of genre-painting explored by French artists during the 19th century was , typically of everyday scenes in Algeria, Egypt and elsewhere in North Africa.

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American genre painting flourished during the 19th century, when the United States, still a young nation needed images and narratives to define and bolster its developing identity. While interest in art was not yet widespread and European academic art struggled to find an audience, this exhibit calls attention to three defining American artists who found popular success and inspired a cultural awakening by painting scenes focused on the lives of everyday American adventurers like boatmen and fur trappers capturing the country’s pioneer spirit while celebrating its economic and territorial expansion.

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Ninteenth century portraits also mirrored the realist style of the day, while later we see a number of fine , along with even more colourful , including the .

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They were followed by (1699-1779), one of the greatest 18th century artists, who produced a number of highly polished still-lifes and genre views with incredible reality, such as (1734), (c.1735), (1737), (1739), and (1739).

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Likewise, a picture of an 'interior' - like Peter Vilhelm Ilsted's (1896) - might be considered to be more of a still life than a genre-painting, particularly if the composition was posed.

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And since Protestant religious leaders totally rejected the idea of decorating their churches with expensive works of art, Northern artists were forced to turn to middle-class patrons, who wanted small scale paintings - portraits and still lifes, as well as genre paintings - to hang in their homes.