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The crew of American Airlines Flight 1420 is warned about crosswinds from a thunderstorm during approach to Little Rock National Airport but they attempt to land instead of diverting to another airport. Due to their impatience to get to the airport, during their pre-landing checks the crew forget to preset the spoilers to extend automatically when the aircraft touches down. The MD-82 overshoots the runway and eleven people are killed. Part 1

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June 1st, 1999, captain Richard Buschmann and first officer Michael Origel were about to embark on their third and final leg of the day, after already working for ten hours on two other trip legs.

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— American Airlines will not try to convince a federal jury -- or the judge overseeing federal lawsuits against the airline -- that it took all necessary measures to avoid the crash of Flight 1420 in Little Rock on June 1.

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The depositions included the boss of the pilots controlling the plane that crashed after landing in Little Rock stating that "only an idiot would attempt to land in a thunderstorm," that it is the responsibility of the flight crew to "err on the side of caution," and that the airline's policies were violated in the attempted landing.

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