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Between the tightening of the instability of traditional-fuel prices and discovery of new fuel extraction technologies, alternatively fueled and are an increasingly attractive option. Natural gas, propane, and biofuels offer cleaner, domestically produced energy at a lower overall cost, and the latest green technologies allow engines to use less fuel.

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Natural gas (primarily methane) is said to be among the cleanest burning alternative fuels.

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The natural gas alternatives offered by PSI are compact, light, and more service-friendly in the event away-from-base repairs are needed. And the stability of the natural gas fuel market makes converting fleets to CNG a smart investment.
PSI’s , fuel-flexible engine solutions are compatible with natural gas, propane, gasoline, and bio-fuels. Take a look at our options for , , and use, or learn more about the benefits of natural gas.
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The group, which represents 2,500 trucking companies and suppliers, said it supports emissions regulations to clean up polluted air in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, but opposes mandated use of alternative fuels as a means of reducing vehicle emissions.

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(Núñez, Chapter 750, Statutes of 2007) created the California Energy Commission's . The statute, subsequently amended by (Núñez, Chapter 313, Statutes of 2008), and Assembly Bill 8 (Perea, Chapter 401, Statutes of 2013) authorizes the Energy Commission to develop and deploy alternative and renewable fuels and advanced transportation technologies to help attain the state's climate change policies. The Energy Commission has an annual program budget of approximately $100 million to support projects that:

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In addition to , propane’s favorable environmental profile means that, even in an future, it is less likely to incur the heavy regulation seen with dirtier fuels like diesel. Lower maintenance costs are an added benefit to using propane, especially for high-mileage . Propane’s high octane and low carbon- and oil-contamination characteristics extend engine life compared to conventional engines. And because it can be converted to gas before it’s combusted, propane may reduce the cold-start problems associated with traditional liquid fuels.

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The (AFIP), established by , required the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to develop a joint plan with the California Energy Commission to spend $25 million for the purposes of incentivizing the use and production of alternative fuels. This program has ended.

Alternative fuels create a soaking or quenching heat that works very well when heating a large workpiece.

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As the world continues to search for alternative fuels to fuel our cars and heat our homes, many different opportunities are being explored and there has finally been a

The proper use of alternative fuels and equipment will allow you to offer additional solutions to your customers.

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As the world continues its quest to use less fossil fuels, the latest possible solution comes from the most unlikely of sources: the tobacco plant. This latest news comes

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More than 30 vendors, including car companies, and a group of students from the Joliet Township High Schools were to be on hand to talk about alternative fuels.