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World War II - War came suddenly to the Philippines on Dec. 8 (Dec. 7, U.S. time), 1941, when Japan attacked without warning. Japanese troops invaded the islands in many places and launched a pincer drive on Manila. MacArthur’s scattered defending forces (about 80,000 troops, four fifths of them Filipinos) were forced to withdraw to Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island, where they entrenched and tried to hold until the arrival of reinforcements, meanwhile guarding the entrance to Manila Bay and denying that important harbor to the Japanese. But no reinforcements were forthcoming. The Japanese occupied Manila on Jan. 2, 1942. MacArthur was ordered out by President Roosevelt and left for Australia on Mar. 11; Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright assumed command.

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Simon Berthon was series producer of the BBC 'Allies at War' TV series. He was founding editor of ITV's current affairs series 'The Big Story', and previously deputy editor of ITV's 'World in Action'. His most recent TV film was the Channel Four special 'Churchill v Hitler: The Duel'. Simon Berthon wrote the book Allies at War (Harper Collins, 2001) to accompany the television series.

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The triple alliance, including Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary, and the triple entente, including France, Great Britain, and Russia fought the biggest War that the world had ever seen.

Churchill's Grand Alliance: the Anglo-American Special Relationship 1940-1957 by John Charmley (1995)
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