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Lang has explained the science so clearly leading up to this scene,that we have no trouble following the different values on thesedials, and the progress of the plot they represent.

It’s an unsettling way to begin an unsettling book.

Remarque begins with a disclaimer:

Official Book to the Future rating:

The door of the building where the trapped man exits at the startis arched, which is echoed by a curving gutter region immediatelybelow in the sidewalk.

Superawesome! – – Okay – Blah – Superblah!

The underworld jeweler has many circular and triangular disheson his work bench - echoed by the curved triangular containersnext to his assistant's stove.

And so, one by one, the Great War claims the lives of Paul’s classmates.

Lang draws on several movie traditions, as well.

The fountain in the German village, and the fountain on whichthe hero sits at the end of the Venetian episode, have tall poles,out of which come spigots standing straight out, in numerous directions.

Thiswhole section is enormously enjoyable.

Bird imagery is everywhere in the German sequence of ,including the goose of the old lady in the carriage, the birdfed by the minister, the owl, the apothecary's bird on the skeleton.

It shows the rich inventionfound throughout .

Similarly, in , the garden outdoorsopens through doorways to the inside sets of the house - and wealways see the staircase inside the house through the door - thestaircase where the murder was committed.

will not be Lang's only Germanfilm with an American at its center.

Death's giant wall, and the huge wall with the murals of the sky,past which the hero walks in Venice, are like the giant wall abovethe staircase in .

Yes, if you’re interested in history, and acknowledging the mistakes of the past.

There are brief pocket discussions of many ofLang's screenwriters.

Even in ,while Death's taking of the young man is the main story in theGerman half of the film, there are few traces of any gay elementsin the Persian, Venetian or Chinese episodes, although Death asthe archer is consistent with a gay identity for this character.

It is unclearwho was the first to use such a device.

All of these images on poles - crossroads signs, traffic signals,crucifixes, public clocks on the street - can be seen as partof the mass media: mechanisms that inform the broad public.

Hoog enters thefilm in white tie and tails.

The way Death is a macho somewhat older man, who stalks and kidnapsor persuades the handsome young hero to leave his girlfriend andcome stay at his place, can easily be given a gay interpretation.