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we experience an awareness of the unity of all creation. However, interpreting the vision in terms daily life is not always easy. We need to be reminded of the vast numbers of non-human animals cruelly exploited in laboratories; in the production of food and other commodities; in ‘sport’ and ‘entertainment’; and who suffer as a result of war and military activity. We consider our Testimony to Justice should include our fellow species.

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 Quaker Concern for Animals witnesses to the divine in creation and the equality of all creatures

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Quakers are perhaps best known for our peace testimony. It comes from our belief that love is at the centre of existence and that all life is of inestimable worth. It has led Quakers to refuse military service and work creatively for peace, and to denounce, too, the millions of animal lives lost to human conflicts. Tens of thousands of non-human animals are subjected to weapons testing every year, including explosives, gunfire, biological and chemical agents.

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Simplicity and sustainability
Quakers are concerned about excess and waste in our society. We want to make sure our use of natural resources – which do not belong to humans alone but to all creatures – is sustainable. We try to live simply and to find space for the things that really matter: the living world and our experience of stillness. QCA maintain that nothing is more contrary to these intentions or more damaging to our well-being than the global north’s over-consumption of the cheaply sold flesh of non-human animals.

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