Spare The Air: Health Effects of Air Pollution

(Ventura County, California) -- Please be aware that the Ventura County Public Health Department and the Air Pollution Control District are strongly recommending . No ash clean-up at residential and commercial properties should occur until this health notice is changed.

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Air pollution effects are many, and they may be truly damaging. Read more here.

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Water Pollution EffectsJustlike the air we breathe, water is vital to our survival. We need clean water todrink, to irrigate our crops and the fish we eat live in the waters. We play inrivers, lakes and streams – we live near bodies of water. It’s a precious resourcethat can easily be polluted and the contamination can be transferred to us andaffect our health.

Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

Welive in an ecosystem where the action of one has the potential to affect themany. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what the action is. Ourmistakes has polluted the environment that we live in and we are waking up andowning to the fact. We are trying to reverse the damage. The good news is thatevery positive action counts. The small effort you make towards a greenerenvironment can start a healing ripple effect. We may still save what is leftof our natural resources and make the world a better place to live in for ourfuture generation.

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Effects of Air Pollution • Impact on Lung functioning • Asthma • Itching of eyes, mouth and throat

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Sincewe share everything on Earth with every living thing on the planet, whathappens in one area affects everything too, no matter how far away. Pollution or the introduction of differentforms of waste materials in our environment has negative effects to theecosystem we rely on.

Air pollution has significant impacts on our health, environment and economy

and again been observed as areas where air pollution is at its worst.

Howdoes pollution affect humans? In the following paragraphs, we will enumeratethe consequences of releasing pollutants in the environment. We cause most ofthe pollution and we will suffer the consequences if we don’t stop. We arealready seeing its effects in the form of global warming, contaminated seafood,increased cases of lung diseases and more.

Carbon dioxide contributes to air pollution in its role in the greenhouse effect

Causes Of Noise Pollution And Its Effects On Health

APCD issues a Compliance Assistance Advisory regarding the January 1, 2014 compliance date for manufacturers, suppliers and installers of large water heaters and small boilers. On September 11, 2012, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control Board amended Rule 74.11.1, Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers. The amended Rule includes a reduction to emission limits from natural gas-fired large water heaters and small boilers. Only those units that meet the new emission limits may be sold, offered for sale or installed in Ventura County.

Manufacturers of water heaters, boilers, steam generators and process heaters are required to have them certified by the Ventura County APCD before they may be sold in Ventura County.

Only those units meeting the emission limits specified in the rule can be sold, offered for sale or installed in Ventura County. Persons selling, offering for sale or installing non-compliant units may be subject to enforcement action by the Ventura County APCD and possible civil penalties.

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