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Yes2Kollege’s Minority Health Professions Mentor Program (MHPMP) mentors more than 300 African American middle and high school youth by exposing them to African American healthcare professionals who conduct a summer job shadow program that provides information on educational and career options. A network of more than 60 health professional mentors that include doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health experts, organ transplant coordinators, engineers, birthing doulas, other allied health professionals and UC Davis medical school students, share their education and career experiences with the mentee’s through interviews, field trips, early college preparation, and health pipeline programs.

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In August 2015, the California Senate issued a Proclamation designating African American Women’s Health Legacy (AAWHL) month throughout the state. In August, 2016, AAWHL partnered with the University of California, Davis Health System and the Irene Betty Moore School of Nursing for a conference to Preserve Our Legacy: Advancing African-Americans in Nursing Conference with panel discussions on past, present, and future African American nursing accomplishments and highlighting opportunities for career advancement. More than 200 people attended. In 2017, conference plans will focus on the nursing and allied health pipeline that includes countywide nursing programs.

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Yes2Kollege’s African American Women’s Health Legacy (AAWHL) program empowers and educates women and girls to take control and better manage their chronic diseases through self-management, healthy eating, and active living. Participants access community services and resources to improve their physical and mental health, acquire leadership skills to advocate for chronic disease prevention and conduct workshops and conferences to advance the healthcare workforce.

Caucasian and African American "conductors" served as guides along the way
Concert highlighting African American composers will cap conference for college conductors, kick off Black History Month

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The role of Harriet Tubman in the history of the United States of America.

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