Have they been reaping the benefits of affirmation action.

Opponents of affirmative action say that the battle for equal rights is over, and that requiring quotas that favor one group over another is un-American.

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Finally the reactions of beneficiaries of affirmative action will be discussed....

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In 2006 voters approved the , a state constitutional amendment prohibiting racial preferences in public employment, education and contracting. The measure was overturned by the , but upheld in April 2014 by the , which ruled that voters have the right to ban affirmative action policies in the public sector.

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As an issue of today's society, affirmative action requires corporations, universities and other organizations to establish programs designed to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly.

Myth #5: A large percentage of White workers will lose out if affirmative action is continued.

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They believe such programs have outlived their usefulness.A large segment of the population is under the impression that minorities, especially African-Americans, are the chief beneficiaries of affirmative action.

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While women have made great strides in the labor force in the 30 years since the mandate has existed, a large number of white women arguably is the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action.

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But federal courts have so far rejected this broad approach and have continued to uphold affirmative action plans with numerical goals and racial and sexual preferences.November 1994, angry white men staged a protest at the polls, voting in a Congress that has attacked affirmative action, school lunches, Medicare and other government initiatives.Affirmative action studies indicate that white women are, at best, ambivalent.

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To achieve racial equality we must implement policies to improve the situation of the chronically poor, which affirmative action does not do.However, today all states and most cities have affirmative action plans.

Myth #8: Affirmative action tends to undermine the self-esteem of women and racial minorities.

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Johnson issued Executive Order #11246 at Howard University that required federal contractors to undertake affirmative action to increase the number of minorities that they employ....

Johnson ordered federal contractors to adopt affirmative action plans.

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(Websters New World Dictionary.) The history of affirmative action has its roots in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and stems from the United States Supreme case of Brown vs.

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In 1997 a federal district court judge ruled that his denial of admission had nothing to do with the University’s affirmative-action policies at the time and dismissed the case.