Adult Children of Alcoholics Attracted to Compulsive Personalities

Our 30 years of experience has shown that adult children who attend our meetings, work the , and find a Higher Power experience astonishing improvement in body, mind, and spirit. Ours is one of the few Twelve Step fellowships that embraces the difficult task of trauma work, which can often lead to an exciting journey to the Inner Child or True Self. Along with sponsorship, we encourage informed counseling to help the adult child accomplish the greatest level of emotional healing from an abusive upbringing.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Help

Adult children of alcoholics are often in relationships with people they can rescue.

The Problem - Adult Children of Alcoholics

Many adult children who grew up in a dysfunctional home have been deeply affected by their experiences and often seek counselling and professional treatment to help resolve these issues.

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Often, these adult children will acquire the characteristics of alcoholics, even if they never drink themselves. They can be in denial, develop poor coping strategies, have an inability to problem solve and form dysfunctional relationships.

Adult children of alcoholics are highly susceptible to stress-related illnesses.

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Adult children of alcoholics are oversensitive to the needs of others. Their self-esteem comes from others’ judgments of them, thus having the compulsive need to be perfectionists and be accepted.

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Adult children of alcoholics have a fear of people who are in authority, people who are angry, and do not take personal criticism very well. Often they misinterpret assertiveness for anger. Therefore, they are constantly seeking approval of others whilst losing their identities in the process. Frequently they isolate themselves.

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Fear of Emotions or Feelings

Adult children of alcoholics tend to bury their feelings (particularly anger and sadness) since childhood and are not able to feel or express emotions easily. Ultimately they fear all powerful emotions and even fear positive emotions like fun and joy.

Adult children of alcoholics remain hyper vigilant, constantly scanning their surroundings for potential catastrophes.

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Adult children of alcoholics may either be passive or aggressive victims, and are often attracted to others like them whether in friendships, career and love relationships.

Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Quick Overview

Adult children of alcoholics fear intimacy because it makes them feel that they lost control. They have difficulties expressing their needs and consequently have problems with their sexuality, and repeat relationship patterns.

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Adult children of alcoholics cannot have fun because it is stressful, especially when others are watching. The child inside is frightened, and in an effort to appear perfect, exercises strict self-control.