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For Kurt Goldstein, self-actualization was a motive and, for Abraham Maslow, a level of development; for both roughly the same kinds of qualities were expressed: independence, autonomy, a tendency to form few but deep friendships, a "philosophical" sense of humor, a tendency to resist outside pressures and a general transcendence of the environment rather than "coping" with it.

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Maslow: Books, Articles, Audio/Visual, & His Personal Papers -- - Frederick Herzberg (1923-2000), clinical psychologist and pioneer of 'job enrichment', is regarded as one of the great original thinkers in management and motivational theory.

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He wrote extensively on the subject, borrowing ideas from other psychologists but adding significantly to them, especially the concepts of a hierarchy of needs, metaneeds, metamotivation, self-actualizing persons, and peak experiences.

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Understanding strengths and weakness identified within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is also important in the field of cross-cultural communications and international commerce.

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(RE: Matthew, chapter 12 verses 39-41 in King James Version of Bible and Many Marketing Courses teach Abraham Maslow's hierarchy as one of the first theories as a basis for understanding consumers' motives for action.

Most citations of Maslow's hierarchy of needs list only five levels

These lower motivations, which Maslow calls "deficiency motivations" or D-Motivations, are described as the type of motivation that operates on the lower four levels of his hierarchy of needs.

This is particularly true of management books and hand-outs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs begins with the most basic necessities deemed "the physiological needs" in which the individual must be able to perform life-expressions basic functions such as breathing, suckling, and sleeping, then will seek out items like food and water.

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Safety and Security needs include:
Social Belongingness and Love needs
After physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, the third layer of human needs is social...

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Maslow believes that people would not move on down this list to be motivated by the next set of needs until the previous set(s) had been satisfied. here’s a short video which illustrates Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by drawing on clips from the Disney film ‘Up’.

Abraham Harold Maslow was born April 1, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York

Maslow’s theory of motivation is called the “hierarchy of needs”. Maslow believes that people have five main needs in the following order of importance:-