Trump also touted executive action he's taken on abortion-related issues during his first year in office. He reinstated and expanded President Ronald Reagan's Mexico City policy, which forbids U.S. foreign development aid from supporting abortion — a policy critics call the "global gag rule." And he signed an executive order on religious freedom.


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People feel particularly strongly about abortion because there is no way of getting any opinion from the foetus - the potential 'victim' - about the issue (as there is when considering ), and because the foetus can easily be portrayed as an entirely innocent and defenceless being.

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The amendment in Mississippi would ban virtually all abortions, including those resulting from or incest. It would bar some birth control methods, including IUDs and “morning-after pills,” which prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus. It would also outlaw the destruction of embryos created in laboratories.

Melissa's self-punishing behavior was acted out not only through repeat abortions but also through self-injury and risk-taking.

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There is something quite troubling about "medical care" which responds to the patient without any questioning of the deeper things that may be going on within her. In modern medical practice, patients expect a health care professional to treat the whole person. For example, rather than simply continuing to perform repeated angioplasties on an obese patient suffering from heart disease, a doctor would recommend lifestyle changes to lessen the need for invasive medical procedures. But among abortion providers, a mindless submission to the mantra of "choice" has eviscerated any sense of obligation to ensure that abortion will actually help women rather than hurt them.

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That is exactly what they are doing - reinforcing self-destructive behaviors. Unfortunately, since abortion providers are committed to performing abortions on request, they have abdicated their responsibility to understand the reasons why women may choose abortion and to intervene when these reasons are distorted, dysfunctional, or even part of a self-destructive cycle.

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What a different life Christine could have had if her psychiatrist had reinforced her self-esteem and her confidence in her capacity to be a mother. Instead, by encouraging abortion, her therapist imprinted a deadly message deep into her psyche: She was unstable and inadequate to be a mother.

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"Freedomof choice" does not apply to those who disagree with PPFA. It opposes lawsrecognizing conscience rights for doctors, nurses and health facilities withmoral or religious objections to abortion, dismissively referring to conscienceclauses as "refusal clauses."11 Planned Parenthood stronglysupports U.S. funding of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA); in recent years it hasannounced "a new level of partnership" with that agency internationally,despite its involvement in the Chinese population program using coercedabortion and involuntary sterilization.12 Such coercion is recognizedinternationally as a crime against women.13 PPFA also opposes consciencerights for pharmacists who object to providing "emergency contraception" drugsdue to their abortifacient potential, and thinks even religious orders like theLittle Sisters of the Poor should be forced to include these in their healthplans.14

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Theresa Burke, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and founder of , a post-abortion training and healing ministry that annually serves thousands of women and couples throughout North America and overseas.