ClarkI oppose the death penalty.

A 2007 New York Times article reported that a dozen studies showed for each inmate put to death, three to 18 murders are prevented. So not only does capital punishment ensure convicted murderers will never kill again, but it also deters other potential murderers. Further addressing this point, Nobel laureate Gary Becker, a leading figure in the death penalty debate, wrote in the Economists’ Voice, “I believe the preponderance of evidence does indicate that capital punishment deters.”

Many people, probably a solid majority, support the death penalty.

But what many do not realize is that the death penalty is not without its faults.

One alternative to the death penalty is rehabilitation.

Theexistence of the death penalty in a situation when there isn'tabsolute certainty of guilt always admits the possibility of executingthe wrong individual.

Many countries are currently abolishing their death penalty practice.

A recent Gallup poll found that while 61 percent of Americans support the death penalty as a punishment for murder, that is down from 80 percent in 1994. Commenting on that decrease, an editorial in The New York Times on Oct. 14, 2011, stated “that striking difference suggests that more Americans are recognizing that killing a prisoner is not the only way to make sure he is never released, that the death penalty cannot be made to comply with the Constitution and that it is in every way indefensible.”

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Even if every Black person executedwere guilty and deserved it, the fact that it is not done even-handedly,over all racial and ethnic groups, condemns the death penaltyprocess.

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As data in the first paragraph suggested, the death penalty is not necessarily a deterrent to others. This was confirmed in a 2009 study by M. L. Radelet and T. L. LaCock, “Do executions lower homicide rates?: The views of leading criminologists,” which found that the vast majority of criminologists believe that the death penalty provides no more of a deterrence to murder than does the threat of a lengthy imprisonment.

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Washington State is joining the national fight to abolish the death penalty. Senate bill 6052 was introduced to abolish death penalty for aggravated first degree murder, instead sentencing individuals to life without the possibility of release. This is apart of the states initiative reduce financial and social expenses associated with the death penalty.

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In combination, these arguments may help some of you think about whether or not the death penalty makes sense for California today. If not, think about this: By permitting the death penalty we share that in common with such countries as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and Cuba.

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Execution cannot be reversed. This fact leads to the expensive appeals and delays that help increase the high cost of death penalty cases noted above. The only way to ensure that no innocent person is ever executed is to abolish the death penalty.

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9), and that the death penalty was wrong because they felt the government should not be killing its citizens, even if that citizen committed a crime as atrocious as murder.

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NCADP held its 41st Awards Reception on October 17th to celebrate extraordinary contributions and achievements in its mission to abolish the death penalty