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Women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are often the unseen homeless, and in many instance the unheard. Thank you Laura Anne and Shannon for sharing your stories.

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Watch our featured videos to find out why the Orchid is where women come to heal.

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New York City is facing a homeless crisis on a scale never before seen. And, despite the perception to the contrary, a disproportionate number of the homeless are actually families, most of them led by women. These mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters – many of whom have fled domestic violence – are the forgotten faces of homelessness in our city.

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For more than 33 years, Win has provided safe housing, critical services, and ground-breaking programs to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives. In the past year, Win served close to 10,000 homeless people — including nearly 6,000 children — and helped more than 800 families transition out of shelter into homes of their own.

Helping women find new and progressive ways to overcome addiction and abuse.

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Within a given T-score range, the estimated time for the transition from osteopenia to osteoporosis was longer with younger age . For example, among women with moderate osteopenia, the estimated BMD testing interval was approximately 5 years for women who were 70 years old and approximately 3 years for those who were 85 years old. The estimated transition time was also longer for women who were taking estrogen at baseline, as compared with those who had either taken estrogen in the past or never taken it. Among women with mild osteopenia, testing intervals were longer than 14 years for all BMI values evaluated. A higher BMI was associated with a slightly longer testing interval among women with advanced osteopenia (P

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A total of 121 women (2.4%) had a hip or clinical vertebral fracture before the transition to osteoporosis, as defined by WHO diagnostic criteria, or before the receipt of treatment for osteoporosis. The adjusted estimated time for 2% of women to have a hip or clinical vertebral fracture was more than 15 years for women with normal BMD or mild osteopenia, and approximately 5 years for those with moderate or advanced osteopenia. Complete results of the sensitivity analyses are presented in the .

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When the testing interval was redefined as the estimated times for 20% of women to make the transition from osteopenia to osteoporosis, the time estimates were approximately 80% longer (8.5 years and 2.0 years for women with moderate and advanced osteopenia, respectively), as compared with corresponding estimates based on a 10% transition threshold. In a sensitivity analysis in which we used the secondary definition of osteoporosis, based on the BMD at the femoral neck alone, the covariate-adjusted times for 10% of women to make the transition to osteoporosis were 1.0 years for women with advanced osteopenia, 4.7 years for those with moderate osteopenia, and more than 15 years for those with mild osteopenia or normal BMD. Although these estimates were similar to the estimates in the primary analysis (which was based on the BMD at the total hip or femoral neck) for women with osteopenia, the time estimate in this sensitivity analysis for women with normal BMD was more than twice as long as that in the primary analysis, and it was much longer than the maximum follow-up time of 15 years.