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Throughout Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser presents in his point of view and informative tone, a detailed disscussion of the conditions using various examples imagry and flowing diction/syntax to help support and show his audience the reasoning behind the novel.

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Discussion of themes and motifs in Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All ..

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Schlosser uses this reliable resource to imply that McDonald's has roots in any country that is developed or currently developing and is a staple of modern society.
Schlosser uses simple logic to convey that eating fast food, such as McDonald's, is bad for a person's health.
Schlosser makes readers sympathize with the distressed children, and implies that the German children only "Americanized" in order to escape the thought of the destruction caused by their parents.
The repetition of "anywhere in" stresses the fact that a McDonald's restaurant is everywhere and anywhere across the globe.
The repetition of the word "same" towards the end of every phrase emphasizes how commonplace and ordinary McDonald's has become.
The repetiton of "and" focuses and emphasizes on the fact that the bar in Germany loves the American themes and customs even today.
Syntax (Asyndeton)
"[The problem of the world is] the rise of powerful multinationals that shift capital across borders with few qualms, that feel no allegiance to any nation, no loyalty to any group" (Schlosser 248)
The omission of the word "and" in front of the last phrase stresses that these companies cared about no one but themselves.
The sentence maintains a parallel structure with the use of "put" and "hit" and also "drinking" and "joining." This accentuates the Americanized actions they are doing.
Schlosser attempts to show pity for the defendants of a British libel case by claiming they made an "innocent mistake" rather than claiming that they were not properly prepared to go to court.
Word Play (Litote)
"McDonald's, however, would not be deterred." (Schlosser 229)
The phrase "not be deterred" means to carry on, but Schlosser's usage shows how determined McDonald's was.
Word Play (Rhetorical Question)
"'Why would you ever want to go to Plauen?'" (Schlosser 225)
The question points out that Plauen is an unimportant town that the majority of Germany believes is not worth visiting.
The passage above contains a genetic logical fallacy.

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[O]verweight people had a much higher rate of premature death." (Schlosser 240-242)
"Young people who sought to distance themselves from the wartime behavior of their parents found escape in American movies, music, and novels." (Schlosser 232)
Syntax (Epistrophe)
"Millions of other people at that very moment were standing at the same counter, ordering the same food from the same menu, food that tasted everywhere the same." (Schlosser 234)
Syntax (Polysyndeton)
"They smoke Malboros and drink beer...

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Schlosser describes a great deal of American culture to the fast food mentality, and he finds that globalization is taking the fast food culture around the world at a rapid rate....

Food Product Design By Eric Schlosser

In the non-fiction book, “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, the author had first-hand experiences on the aspects of fast food and conveyed that it has changed agriculture that we today did not have noticed.

of the All-American Meal Themes Eric Schlosser

Every corner of the world has been "Americanized" with fast food, especially McDonald's.
By Nick Fedder, Nasser Odetallah, and Aurica Rising
The next section discusses Mikhail Gorbachev, a high-ranking officer of the fallen USSR, and his embarrassing and symbolic appearance right before a fast food convention.

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Schlosser assumes Gorbachev didn't get off the stage because he was once a Soviet leader, and Schlosser assumes all Soviet leaders are the same.
Words such as "unemployment," "lost," "old," "scheme," "staggering," "drunk," "defied," "worst," and "least hope" paint a dismal tone of Plauen's economy above, which is blamed on Americanization and fast food restaurants.

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After the Allies bombed the city and World War II ended, the first new building built in the desecration of the town was a McDonald's.
Eric Schlosser is trying to convey that McDonald's and other fast food restaurants, despite epitomizing capitalistic conquest, have spread throughout the entire world and has profoundly shaped modern society.
Syntax (Anaphora)
"[I]t could have been anywhere- anywhere in the United States, anywhere in the world." (Schlosser 234)
Next, Schlosser discusses the outreach of the McDonald's Corporation throughout the world.