Corey was drunk. There might be times you can convince yourself that you’re okay — this wasn’t one of those times. He was drunk and he knew he was drunk. But that wasn’t the problem. He had gone to this party with his friends, including a designated driver, but they had already left. He was supposed to go with them, but he was having such a great time he told them he’d find another ride.

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Rhode Island is serious about drunk driving. Throughout the year, RIDOT coordinates with state and local police for special patrols to crack down on drinking and driving.

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This case is a good one for discussion because so often young people (of all ages) know the right thing to do in a dilemma, but have a hard time doing it. They don’t know how to choose the right thing without great perceived cost to themselves.

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The Idaho State Department of Education () is a government agency supporting schools and students. We are responsible for implementing policies, distributing funds, administering statewide assessments, licensing educators, and …

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We must work to make our students' lives better. Let's build upon success. Let's build upon Idaho's excellent schools, and renew our long standing commitment to helping schools and students flourish. …

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I am humbled and honored to serve Idahoans as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Education has always been my focus and passion. With nearly 20 years of experience in all phases of education — from classroom teacher, to principal, and at the administrative level, I am keenly aware of the challenges facing educating our youth today.

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The Office on Highway Safety conducts the state's highway safety efforts. The office works closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to promote highway safety and enforce the laws.

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RIDOT strongly encourages all motorcycle riders - operators and passengers - to wear helmets at all times. More than half of all motorcycle fatalities in Rhode Island involve un-helmeted riders. Plus, about 40 percent of these fatalities involve alcohol impairment.

For addicts and alcoholics seeking sobriety, Palm Beach County is ground zero.

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The 12-step support model of recovery is integrated into the The Granite House model for Nashua Sober Living clients. This framework provides the explicit instructions for daily living, and each day …