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Experienced clinicians will appreciate the motivating strategies articulated in topics such as introducing oneself to the group effectively, owning patterns of compulsive sexuality, and understanding the damage caused by sexual abuse.
Beyond its use as a workbook, The Road to Freedom can help all providers find words to develop psycho-educational presentations on the many themes covered in the book.

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Additional layouts focus on offense styles, deviant arousal patterns, sexual compulsivity, family-of-origin patterns, victim impact themes, abuse in the client's own childhood, characteristics of ineffective communication, and an outline for a personal sex history assignment.
In light of the above lists, what could be missing?

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This book offers a treasury of assistance.
Although The Road to Freedom thoroughly attends to the standard treatment topics, it covers additional important themes, such as attachment style, communication skills, interpersonal intimacy, sexual arousal counter-conditioning, preparation for polygraph examinations, sexual autobiography, sex on the internet, offense styles (using Ward & Hudson's categories), assorted cognitive distortions, and the understanding of one's developmental history.

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Psychic freedom from that stress, besides simply not worrying about it and becoming unambitious (the archetypal male "couch potato"), can be found in the assumption, to greater or lesser degrees, of female roles -- as a passive gay male, a transvestite, a transsexual female, etc.

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In a free society there is actually no need for a determination on whether gender stereotypes or sexual archetypes are innately or culturally determined.

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