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The essay will first of all try to give some definition a review of the main terminology used in the study of Semiotics and will then apply these to a series of texts, relating to advertising for Coca Cola.

Semiotic Analysis of a Print Advertisement - Pop Culture

This television ad for a popular beer is the perfect example of advertising puffery.

Semiotic Analysis of a Print Advertisement

The association with these themes applies directly to the message that the advertisement is trying to portray, because when one looks at the luxurious color and associates it with the product, then the individual will seek out this luxurious sexuality through the purchase of the perfume being sold.
Dior Advertisement: Semiotic Analysis
Julianne Ayers

Denotation: The color gold is a glowing, yellowish hue and is the only color other than black used in this advertisement, and thus is contrasted quite dramatically with the black color in the advertisement.

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According to Rayner, Wall and Kruger “semiology is an attempt to create a science of the study of sign systems and their role in the construction and reconstruction of meaning in media texts” (Image Analysis, 2004).

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A Semiotic Analysis of Four Designer Clothing Advertisements

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While these are some of the elements often employed in advertising, we can look deeper and analyze the types of appeals that are utilized to draw attention to certain advertisements.