Why is self reflection important?

It is important to know the precise nature of the skills required to successfully perform a particular behavior, for misweighting requisite subskills results in discrepancies between self-efficacy and behavior, and the problem is worsened when individuals are called on to make efficacy judgments about their own cognitive skills.

Reflective questions to ask yourself:

Self-Reflection is one of the best methods to resolve inner conflict and gain clarity for yourself

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In any role, whether at home or at work, reflection is an important part of learning. You wouldn’t use a recipe a second time around if the dish didn’t work the first time would you? You would either adjust the recipe or find a new and, hopefully, better one. When we learn we can become stuck in a routine that may not be working effectively. Thinking about your own skills can help you identify changes you might need to make.

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Self reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you study. To put it simply ‘reflection’ means to think about something. Reflecting and composing a piece of self reflective writing is becoming an increasingly important element to any form of study or learning.

What is self reflection?

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In 1977, with the publication of "Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavioral Change," he identified the important piece of that missing element—self-beliefs.

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Students could write a letter to their parents or complete a template to insert into the report.The letter or template could include some reflection stems such as:Students could complete six-monthly self-assessments that are related to their important learning goals.

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Although self reflection can seem difficult at first, or even selfish or embarrassing, as it does not come naturally. you will find it becomes easier with practise and the end result could be a happier and more efficient you.

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With the publication of , Bandura (1986) advanced a view of human functioning that accords a central role to cognitive, vicarious, self-regulatory, and self-reflective processes in human adaptation and change.

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Through self-reflection, people make sense of their experiences, explore their own cognitions and self-beliefs, engage in self-evaluation, and alter their thinking and behavior accordingly.