find a suitable husband for Miss Emily.C.

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Discuss the narrative structure of "A Rose for Emily." Why does Faulkner present the story's events in non-chronological order?

For some reason he doesn’t want to return back to Miss Emily’s house.

What Emily Grierson Represents to the Townspeople in Faulkner's
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“A Rose For Emily.” An Introduction to Fiction.

This statement is true in relation to the story, “A Rose for Emily”, in the story it is seen how the townspeople speculate about the strangeness of Emily and her family....

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The shocking conclusion of 'A Rose for Emily' could be the result of a number of circumstances, but is most likely due to the years of isolation and the overbearing upbringing Emily experienced with her father....

Understandable Emily doesn’t want to let go of the only person who cares and shows love for her.
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