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A thesis for ARose for Emily by William Faulkner is a common term paper orresearch paper assigned by many English professors at bothundergraduate and graduate courses. This essay will focus on thefollowing topics to help you get started on your thesis for A Rosefor Emily

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A Rose for Emily byWilliam Faulkner is rife with plots, subplots, varying time periods,and wildly vacillating characters. The work is so rich that therewill never be a dearth of topics to write a thesis on. You will findthe reading of the book fascinating too as the characters appear realand easy to relate to.

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Even though, therestrictions that existed then sound bizarre and unreal today, youcan relate to the agony and pain of a loveless life that Emily ledborne down by traditions and conventions that seem too deep-rooted tobe easily thrown off. I can assure you that writing a thesis on ARose for Emily can be quite a revelation for you as a student as youlearn and understand the working of the society during those times.

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– He is a foreman with a loud booming voice and cheery dispositionwho has moved to this town from the North. He develops a loveinterest in Emily and takes her out every Sunday. Despite hisgregarious and loving nature, the townspeople have given him acertificate of 'not a good choice for a mate' because he was verypoor. He is killed by Emily and his body lies in her home.

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