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Judd Nelson's appearance in Breakfast Club and Joel Schumacher's St Elmo's Fire, plus his affiliation with the Brat Pack, propelled Nelson to stardom.

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Nothing that happens in "The Breakfast Club" is all that surprising. The truths that are exchanged are more or less predictable, and the kids have fairly standard hang-ups. It comes as no surprise, for example, to learn that the jock's father is a perfectionist, or that the prom queen's parents give her material rewards but withhold their love. But "The Breakfast Club" doesn't need earthshaking revelations; it's about kids who grow willing to talk to one another, and it has a surprisingly good ear for the way they speak. (Ever notice the way lots of teenage girls, repeating a conversation, say "she goes ... rather than "she says..."?)

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Sarah Churchwell: The early films of The Breakfast Club director didn't just speak to me, they were about my home town. What a pity that he later traded truth for cliche

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Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, reunited after ''Sixteen Candles,'' are the movie's standout performers as an affluent prima donna and a boy who cares about physics to the exclusion of all else. As the athlete who rounds out this predictable lineup, Emilio Estevez has an edgy physical intensity very reminiscent of his father, Martin Sheen. The five young stars would have mixed well even without the fraudulent encounter-group candor towardS which ''The Breakfast Club'' forces them. Mr. Hughes, having thought up the characters and simply flung them together, should have left well enough alone.

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32 years ago today, John Hughes's teen movie The Breakfast Club opened in the US, and although it wasn't a runaway box office hit, in the years since it has rightly claimed a place as a screen classic.

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