Why a "Radical" Analysis, and Why "Office Space"

We've all met someone like Milton. He is the sort of eccentrically geeky petty grievance collector who in his heart would declare war to keep possession of a purloined stapler but is too intimidated to express himself. An obsessive-compulsive maniac, Milton is also a ripe candidate for committing mass murder once the injustices and indignities he has been collecting so assiduously over the years reach full boil. In the unlikely event that ''Office Space'' spawns a sequel, let's hope we see a lot more of Milton, who is the movie's only inspired creation.

02, 2012 By John Kane, Truthout | Film Review .

Movie "Office Space" Proves Radicalism Lives in the Mainstream ..

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"Office Space" is like the evil twin of "Clockwatchers." Both movies are about the ways corporations standardize office routines, so that workers are interchangeable and can be paid as little as possible.

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And all that was left standing was one little movie that had been fatally undervalued by everyone, including its own writer-director and the studio that paid for it.In the years since its 1999 release, when it barely recouped its minuscule $10m budget before being booted from the multiplexes, Mike Judge's Office Space has seen its stock rise through the roof.

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The movie Office Space, directed by Mike Judge in 1999,examines and critiques various organizational practices in our society

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You do have to wait for Gadot’s Wonder Woman to appear in costume