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Later, when she went into a local feed store and saw his adoption flier at the register she knew that she was destined to adopt him. The two met and as they say, the rest is history. Furby moved into his new home with Esther, Karyl and several kitties. Esther tells us, " I have to say once again that I am so happy to have found him. It still feels amazing that after clicking on the Peace of Mind website and reading all about this little guy time after time, then seeing his story and photo on the wall at our feed store -- well, it was meant to be, that's all there is to it! He and I walk in the park frequently, and also go to the feed store so everyone there can see him. We have his bed from his foster Mom's house -- he loves it and his little stuffed cowboy toy that came with him. It's such a treat to see him run and get that toy and proceed to shake and play with it." From homeless to treasured family member. It's what our Happy Tails are all about!

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Winston is now living in Tulare with Candy. She was looking for a Miniature Pinscher and ran across Winston on Petfinder. Then she saw his video and fell in love.

Candy said "He seems to like it here and is super comfortable with me. The greatest joy has been just having him by my side. I find that we'll need each other, just as much he needs me right now. I took him to my dad's yesterday and he just fell in love with him. Winston is seriously the sweetest, kindest soul. I feel so lucky to get to care for him. Thank you again for everything. I can't express how appreciative I am of Peace of Mind. You guys are actual angels."

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The Mindfulness Maximizer gives you easy but specific instructions for how to turn that anxiety off like turning out a light.This is a very powerful tool that I could sell separately from this course, but I’ve decided to include it free with the main Driving Peace program.

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Beautiful Gigi was surrendered to Santa Cruz Animal Services in January 2013 and after two months, the staff called Peace of Mind to see if we could help. Gigi had been happy and outgoing but the stress of staying in the shelter for so long was beginning to take its toll, and Gigi was becoming withdrawn. Enter foster mom Sherry, who brought her into her loving home and Gigi was soon back to her full of fun tail-wagging self. But despite her wonderful temperament and impeccable manners, Gigi continued to wait for her forever home. You see, Gigi is a TLC: Tan Little Chihuahua. The sad reality is that there is a severe Chihuahua overpopulation problem in California, and many of these little dogs are tan, or brown. Because there are so many, they are often overlooked. Everyone who knew Gigi knew better, though. She was gentle, affectionate and playful. It took 14 months, but Gigi did find her dream home. She was adopted by Josh, who discovered her on our adoption page and saw how wonderful, and unique, she is. ¡Hurra por los TLC's!

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Christ being about to die and leave his disciples, makes his last will and testament, and as the best legacy he could leave them, bequeaths peace unto them; my peace I give unto you: he left the Gospel of peace with them, to be preached by them to all the world; which is a declaration and publication of peace made by his blood; is a means of reconciling the minds of men to God and Christ, to the truths, ordinances, and people of Christ; of relieving and giving peace to distressed minds; and which shows the way to eternal peace: and as Christ had kept his disciples in peace one with another, so he left them in peace; and left orders with them to maintain it one among another: but what seems chiefly designed here, is peace with God, which Christ is the sole author of; he was appointed in the council and covenant of peace to effect it; he became incarnate with that view, and did procure it by his sufferings and death; and as it was published by angels, when he came into the world, he left it, and gave it to his disciples when he was going out of it: or else that peace of conscience is meant, which follows upon the former, which arises from the sprinklings of the blood of Christ, and from a comfortable view, by faith, of an interest in his justifying righteousness, and is enjoyed in a way of believing, and commonly in the use of ordinances "leaving" it supposes that Christ was about to leave his disciples, but would not leave them comfortless; he leaves a Comforter with them, and bequeaths peace unto them as his last legacy: "giving" it, shows that it is not to be acquired by any thing that man can do, but is a pure free grace gift of Christ; and which being given as his legacy, is irrevocable; for the allusion is to the making of a will or testament when persons are about to die: though some have thought it refers to the custom of wishing peace, health, and prosperity, among the Jews; but Christ does not say "peace be to you"; which was the more usual form of salutation among them, and which was used by them when they met, and not at parting; especially we have no instance of such a form as here used, by dying persons taking their leaves of their relations and friends.

#14 shows that we, not stress, has the power, Sandra