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On Barlok, C'baoth and Lorana meet up with Obi-Wan and Anakin. C'baoth leaves Lorana with the other two Jedi while C'baoth goes to arrange the negotiations to resolve the mining dispute. In his absence, the other three Jedi, through a series of chance encounters, discover a plot to sabotage the negotiations by some disgruntled workers (egged on by a disguised Doriana). When the negotiations start, the saboteurs launch a missile that only C'baoth is powerful enough in the Force to stop. Seeing his power, the council members are scared enough to quickly resolve the conflict.

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Meanwhile, the Chiss fleet, under the command of the recovered Thrawn, stumbles on the Trade Federation battle fleet. Though massively outgunned, Thrawn remains calm, and tells the fleet that they are trespassing into Chiss space. Kav arrogantly orders his forces to wipe out the tiny Chiss fleet. With some technical advice from Car'das, coupled with his own innate tactical genius, Thrawn devastates the Trade Federation fleet utterly, leaving Kav no choice but to surrender.

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For fans, it seems, the book’s longevity is based on its relationships. Recently, the connection between Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston spawned a subset of fan fiction called slash, in which two male (or two female) characters are involved romantically. Some fans on in October became confrontational when Ms. Hinton disagreed with their interpretation that the relationship between Johnny and Dallas was a romantic one.

Obi-Wan and Anakin also agree to accompany the voyage for at least part of the way.

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Because Chiss military doctrine is harshly against the use of preemptive strikes, Thrawn is immediately reprimanded by his superiors, and recalled to Chiss space. While he is preparing to return home, Thrass and Car'das investigate the heavily damaged Outbound Flight, and find Lorana. Knowing that the vessel cannot remain intact in space for much longer, Thrass orders Car'das to rejoin Thrawn, while he and Lorana attempt to pilot the vessel to a nearby planet.

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As the two sides prepare for battle, the Vagaari arrive. Sensing their hostility, the Jedi aboard Outbound Flight band together in a telepathic link to the Vagaari. But Thrawn takes advantage of their distraction to open fire on both hostile forces. After severe damage has been inflicted on the vessel, C'baoth gives in entirely to his rage and falls to the dark side, Thrawn through the Force. Rather than let such a valuable officer be killed, Doriana orders the fleet to drop a lethal radiation bomb into the vessel's bridge, killing C'baoth and all the other Jedi on board, except Lorana. The Vagaari receive a sound thrashing at Thrawn's hands, and are forced to retreat, but not before Car'das escapes their ship.

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Then Thrawn reveals why he believed Sidious: because the Chiss have indeed encountered the aliens the Sith Lord is preparing for, and know even better than Sidious how much of a threat they pose. The Chiss calls these aliens the "Far Outsiders." Thrawn then sends Doriana back to his master, confident that they will meet again someday.

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Kav insists that Thrawn cannot be allowed to live, since he knows too much about Lord Sidious. Doriana agrees, but, when he and Kav meet face-to-face with Thrawn, realizes that a being as unique and useful as Thrawn must not be killed. Kav, with his wounded pride, then attempts to kill Thrawn himself, but ends up killing himself with a ricochet from his own hold-out blaster.

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Thrawn releases Car'das, Qennto and Maris and reveals to Car'das that he had been feeding his suspicions to send him to the Vagaari, with the intent of luring them to their destruction. Thrawn wishes them well, and then prepares to face his own exile as punishment for his actions.