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My point is to say how can we not notice the environment that folks are born into, especially when folks who don’t have any of these predictors almost never become gang members. Remember, I am not excusing being a gang member, but just asking folks to consider what a child could become if you removed (unless we find a way for newborns to buy a house, get his/her parents back together, eliminate access to drugs in the neighborhood, get other kids to stop doing crime, etc.) some of these poverty related predictors from the equation. Thanks and happy reading!

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Q: This is a criminal homicide case. The lawyer is always on TV. He gave all kind of information on my brother’s mental health to a news reporter. Neither my brother, nor my family consented to ...

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I am participating in a study of the connection of crime and poverty at my school. CCNTH or Central Coast New Tech High. I read your report and would like to ask you a question. What types of crime is related more to poverty? Like mugging, drug dealing, or other? Pleas reply back to me through Email or other. Thank you
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