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Liberty and justice consist of restoring all that belongs to others;thus, the only limits on the exercise of the natural rights of woman areperpetual male tyranny; these limits are to be reformed by the laws of natureand reason.

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Frankenstein,too, is traversed by the images and effects of the FrenchRevolution.

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Nor do Burke's opinions restore balance, or silence theemerging voices of resistance: the monsters constructed byBurke's text multiply in the many replies that it provoked. The famous responses by Thomas Paine and disclose yet more monsters.

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Mulattoes were allowed to own land, but as Coke notes, this was done with the realization that society’s restraints on Mulattoes made it highly unlikely that they could do anything with that land.

The French Revolution furnished the Mulattoes and slaves with an opportunity and an inspiration after having witnessed the successful insurrection in France against the government’s long-standing denial of equal representation of the Commons to that of the Nobility and Clergy.

As leaders such as Jean-Francois and Biassou disbanded, many rebels joined Toussaint in 1794.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen (August 1789)

The splendor of the goal of the French Revolution is simultaneouslythe source of our strength and of our weakness: our strength, because itgives us an ascendancy of truth over falsehood, and of public rights overprivate interests; our weakness, because it rallies against us all viciousmen, all those who in their hearts seek to despoil the people.... It isnecessary to stifle the domestic and foreign enemies of the Republic orperish with them. Now in these circumstances, the first maxim of our politicsought to be to lead the people by means of reason and the enemies of thepeople by terror.

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In these struggles language isitself glimpsed as a monster that resists and subverts thelimits which any one position tries to impose. is also affected by the metaphoric movementsof monstrosity: recalling many features of the FrenchRevolution, the text, like the monster, solicits and resistsattempts to determine a single line of significance.

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Before the betrayal, Toussaint had established his autonomy, led all the French forces, stricken Napoleon with grief, and helped organize a slave revolution.

The brutality of white plantation owners towards their slaves culminated in a deep- rooted sense of anguish and resistance among the oppressed.

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What kind of government can realize these marvels? Only a democraticgovernment.... But to found and to consolidate among us this democracy,to realize the peaceable rule of constitutional laws, it is necessary toconclude the war of liberty against tyranny and to pass successfully throughthe storms of revolution. Such is the aim of the revolutionary system whichyou have set up....

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Toussaint was too careful to trust French politics, " Because the French Revolution, being still in the hands of Liberals and moderates, was clearly bent on driving the blacks back to the old slavery." Toussaint’s distrust of politics may have been a political tool to gain support from the blacks.

It was known for centuries that man and the apes were related.

RonaldPaulson and Lee Sterrenburg, both examining the relationshipbetween the novel and the effects of the French Revolution onpolitical debates in Britain, tend to ignore the variousrevolutions that traverse Frankenstein and thus replay thedesires for authority that are represented in and resisted bythe text-monster.