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Previously Excused or Previously Provided Documentation – There is no way to be “Permanently Excused” from jury selection. Each time you receive a Jury Questionnaire you will need to provide an updated copy of supporting documentation. Documentation is not valid for each new mailing (6 months – 1 year).

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The vision of the Pinal County Jury Department is to be distinguished visionaries in the delivery of exceptional customer service to the citizens of Pinal County, the Bench, the Arizona Bar our Justice Partners and all other courts within Pinal County.

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You will be greeted by a Jury staff member that will review the Biographical form and provide you with further instructions. Each juror will be directed to one of our three Electronic Kiosks located directly to the right of the entrance, once you step to the Kiosk you will scan in the juror barcode located at the upper right hand corner of the Summons. Prospective Jurors will Confirm the Juror information on the Check-In screen, once you are successfully checked in please have a seat and wait for Juror Orientation to begin. Juror Orientation begins at 8:30.

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The Clerk of the Superior Court, Amanda Stanford, takes her duty as the Pinal County Jury Commissioner very seriously and is proud to discharge that duty. Our founding fathers knew how vitally important jury service is to our entire justice system and every defendant in a jury trial depends on the honesty and fairness of his or her peers to judge the facts of the case.

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• In Pinal County there are two (2) grand jury panel days held each week. One panel will meet every Monday and the other will meet every Wednesday. Once you have appeared and gone through the selection process your term of service is complete for four (4) years. Federal Grand Jury and Alternates are excluded.

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Peers can have a positive influence on each other. Maybe another student in your science class taught you an easy way to remember the planets in the solar system or someone on the soccer team taught you a cool trick with the ball. You might admire a friend who is always a good sport and try to be more like him or her. Maybe you got others excited about your new favorite book, and now everyone's reading it. These are examples of how peers positively influence each other every day.

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Once you have completed the orientation, the Jury Staff will escort you to your perspective courtroom at which time the Judge will provide you with further information regarding the case. Once this has taken place you will be given an opportunity to explain any hardship that the length of the trial may cause you. The Judge is the only authority who can excuse you.

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The Superior Courthouse does not have a cafeteria. Vending machines are available in the juror lounge. You will need to bring change for the vending machines; change is not available anywhere within the Courthouse or you may use your Debit Card. Jurors may bring their own snacks and/or lunch. There is a refrigerator, freezer and microwave for juror use. The Jury Department offers complimentary coffee.

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• A Grand Juror will review evidence to determine if there is sufficient proof to charge an individual. (A.R.S. § 21-401 defines grand jury as a body who is duly convened and impaneled by the presiding judge of the superior court and who are sworn to inquire into public offense that may be tried within the county.)