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The Rite Journey – a year-long program in which teachers receive unique training not only in how to deliver this comprehensive program to students in their school but also in the particular middle schooling methodologies which engage students in the process.

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The Importance Of Mythology To Manhood – Return …

Andrew Lines, creator and director of The Rite Journey, explains the background to the program, what today's adolescents are grappling with and how The Rite Journey can help.

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Now we have The Rite Journey which offers girls a profound, intricate, and imaginative journey. It enables girls to access substantial information and experiences. It feeds their inner self, allowing them to get to know themselves, and to start to shape their future. {Read more}

The Rite Journey uses time-honoured processes to create memorable moments of ceremony to celebrate this important transition.

The Importance Of Mythology To Manhood – Return Of …

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Douglass’s Narrative—a Rise to Manhood | Seizing the Self

Read Georgina Barker’s article on men’s mental health issues and what’s being done to prevent it. The article includes The Rite Journey as part of the prevention. .

Douglass’s Narrative—a Rise to Manhood | Seizing the …

Manhood Journey will start your group out strong—it’s full of Biblical content and real discussions between men. Starting out with this series gets to the most important aspect of any man’s journey toward Godly manhood: strengthening, supportive relationships with other men. With our team of presenters from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ages, any man can find someone to relate to and others to learn from.

Journey to Biblical Manhood (2017)

By raising young people’s consciousness about transitioning from child to adult & having conversations with them about what really matters we can assist in guiding their journey into adulthood.

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“The Rite Journey is one of the most exciting and well conceived ideas in boys’ education for a very long time. It brings together the key concerns of initiating boys into fine young men with its focus on the…

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“The Rite Journey is having a significant impact on our Year 9 group. I had great confidence in The Rite Journey prior to implementing the program but this year I continue to be surprised by …