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Jeff Lau's films renewed the popularity of the novel for young Hong Kong audiences during the mid-'90s.The movie adapts the encounter of Xuanzang and Sun Wukong, complete with the "main" character being named Jason Tripitakas, and just like in Journey to the West, Xuanzang/Jason has the carpet pulled out from under him by the Monkey King.The team responsible for , Damon Albarn (of ) and Jamie Hewlett (of fame), adapted the story into an opera in 2007.

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Journey to the West - The Legend of the Monkey King

The Monkeys surround the monster in mid-air, and in his fright he counters with a trick of his own. He turns his head sharply to the Southeast opened his mouth three times, and blows. A yellow hurricane suddenly arises. It is really terrible. The hurricane that the monster had summoned up made all the little Monkeys that the Great Sage had produced from his hair whirl round in mid-air like so many spinning-wheels, and, far from being able to use their cudgels, they could not even control their own bodies. After Monkey recovers he finds out that the only one who can suppress The Yellow Huricane wind is the Bodhisattva Lingji. The Bodhisattva comes down from Little Mount Sumeru and captures the monster by dropping his Flying Dragon Staff on him which makes him revert to his real form—a brown marten. The marten had obtained the Way underneath the Vulture Peak, and once he stole some of the pure oil from a crystal lamp. When the lamp went out he was so afraid of being caught by a Vajrapani that he ran away and became a spirit monster.

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The Jade Emperor, now furiously angry, orders the Four Great Heavenly Kings along with Heavenly King Li, and Prince Nezha to mobilize the Twenty-eight Constellations, the Nine Bright Shiners, the Twelve Gods of the Twelve Branches, the Revealers of the Truth of the Five Regions, the Four Duty Gods, the Constellations of the East and West, the Gods of the North and South, the Deities of the Five Mountains and the Four Rivers, the star ministers soldiers of all Heaven, and a total of a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers. They are to descend to the lower world with eighteen heaven-and-earth nets, surround the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, and capture that wretch for punishment. First the Nine Bright Shiners fight Monkey but have to flee from the battlefield, unable to defeat him. Heavenly King Li then sends the Four Heavenly Kings and the Twenty-eight Constellations into battle, but they are also forced to withdraw because the Monkey King is so ferocious.

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The Western Section of East West Rail will see the introduction of three new passenger services, for direct services within the region and connections to national mainline services. These services are due to start operating in the early 2020s.

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One day the Handsome Monkey King has a dream. In the dream, Monkey`s soul is taken to the Underworld by two fetchers of the dead because his life in the world above is due to end. The Monkey King loses his temper and smashes the two fetchers of the dead to pulp. Since he has cultivated the Way of Immortality and will live as long as Heaven he is no longer under their control, so he tells the Ten Kings of Hell to show him the Register of Life and crosses out his name from the Register of Life and Death. Some time later Ao Guang, the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea visits the Supreme Heavenly Sage the Jade Emperor in Heaven and complains that recently one Sun Wukong, bullied him and occupied his watery house by force. The Jade Emperor also receives a memo from one of the ministers of the Underworld that the Heaven-born Monkey of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit killed the devil messengers of the Ninth Hell with his magic, and terrified the Ten Benevolent Kings of the Underworld with his power.

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For example, there was a 1980s Journey to the West TV series in China that was so popular, it's said that to this day there's always at least one television station rerunning it anywhere in the nation (and also in Vietnam, where it's just as famous and widely loved.) The show is amusing even if you don't understand Chinese.