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COMMENTARY: Historians have been unable to establish a concrete connectionbetween any popular folk magic or witch traditions from before 1800with modern organized witch movements. Most seem to have been inspired by thewritings of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and Gerald Brosseau Gardner(1884-1964), who created for themselves new versions of witch rituals andorganizations based on a loose interpretation of modern superstition andhistorical legacies. Many different people founded branches of witches in the1960s and 1970s, with many new publications and handbooks coming out in the lastten years. While some of these diverse witch circles use historicalresearch to establish some of their ideas, most seem to rely on imagination,fantasy, and a robust eclecticism.

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Even the much lower figure of under 50,000 dead would have meant over ahundred thousand put on trial. Then, considering all the personnel involved inthe justice system as court officials and witnesses, friends and family members,and those who even felt the "fear" caused by the hunts,millions of peoples lives changed, usually for the worse, because of thewitch hunts.

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A notoriously common myth is that the alleged witches at Salem in colonial Massachusettswere burned. All of the convicted during the Salem Witch Hunt in 1692 died by hanging. Others died by natural causes before conviction or execution, and Giles Coreywas pressed to death. In fact, no witches were executed by burning in theEnglish colonies of North America. English law did not permit it.

The New King James Bible states that: “You shall not permit a sorceress [witch] to live” (Exodus 22:17).

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None of these persecutions could have been carried out without thepermission and cooperation of secular governments. In only a few small regions,like the Papal States and various Prince-Bishoprics in Germany, were religiousand temporal government leaders one and the same. But in all the rest of WesternEurope, secular princes ultimately decided whether or not witches were hunted. Still, religious leaders carry a large share of the blame for the hunts, since secularprinces often hunted witches on the advice of the clergy. Princes hunted witchesbecause Church leaders taught them that witches were disturbers of the peace,destructors of property, and killers of animals and people.

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In his work The Wonders of the Invisible World he describes a very difficult time for New England—the Salem Witch Trials; When describing this horrific time he uses a very serious but informative tone which probably led readers to believe that he was a “depraved witch hunter”, and even with this negative reputation today, a person cannot take away the fact...

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COMMENTARY: The earlier estimates, too often the figure of 9 to 10million dead is cited, were grossly exaggerated; no respectable historian supports themanymore. Modern figures concerning the number of executed witches are based on amuch closer examination of the surviving historical records, combined withreasonable guesswork and statistical analysis for those areas and periodslacking clear sources. The hunts were anything but constant, systematic orfrequent.

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Iadmittedly and openly draw my writing from a world-view that accepts the realityof scientific evidence and the validity of the historical method. Some people (from deconstructionists to fundamentalists) might argue aboutsuch a perspective, denying the efficacy of an empirical and rational perceptionof the universe. Likewise, some people today claim to be witches or believers invarious metaphysical systems like Wicca, Neo-paganism or Satanism. Now, I myselfam a strong supporter of religious freedom and religious toleration. And allreligions, including Christianity, have elements of the nonsensical, absurd andimprobable. Thus, I consider that any people who like to think that they arethemselves witches or that witchcraft can affect the physical world, are free to do so.

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COMMENTARY: Through most of recorded history, in most civilizations, until the lasthundred years or so, women have been subordinated to men. Many witch hunters,particularly the authors of the , held that womenwere far more susceptibleto temptation by the Devil, and thus more frequently became witches. Some witch huntsdid almost exclusively target women, in percentages as high as 95% of the victims. Another interesting pointis that the members of the legal system its "judges, ministers,priests, constables, jailers, judges, doctors, prickers, torturers, jurors,executioners" were nearly 100 percent male (Anne L. Barstow, (San Francisco: Pandora/Harper Collins, 1994), 142).