So here is my Top Ten list of Contemporary Gothic Movies…

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“Pulp Friction,” season five, episode 17, originally aired 3/8/2005

“I Get A Sidekick Out Of You,” season six, episode 19, originally aired 4/18/2006

Thanks for this list, now I have so many movies to watch tonight!

Ichabod Crane travels to the small Hamlet of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders. The villagers seem to be turning up headless all over the place. Ichabod arrives with his bag of strange instruments and goes to work at solving the murders. He seems to be a little squeamish for a Coroner though. The townspeople tell him there is a Demon hunting them but he doesn’t believe them until he sees the Headless Horseman for himself.

Amazing list. I always forget about Argento’s Phantom.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are undeniably sexy as Vampires, but the real star of the movie was Kirsten Dunst as little Claudia. This is one of those movies I enjoy watching over and over again. Even though Interview With A Vampire isn’t very scary or gory, it is very entertaining none the less.

“I’m OK, You’re OK,” season six, episode 17, originally aired 4/4/2006

Old Glory Miniatures Realms of Terror, Sleepy Hollow

The Phantom was abandoned as a child and put into a basket to float into an underground river. The Phantom ends up being raised by Rats instead of Humans and likes to hang out in the Catacombs under the Opera. He hears Christine sing and falls madly in love with her. He will do anything to get close to her including Murder!

Historic Sites - Visit Sleepy Hollow

The set design and costumes are really well done. This newest Wolfman is a decent remake and is entertaining but it certainly is not the best version of The Wolfman I’ve seen. I would recommend the 1961 Curse of the Werewolf instead.

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Universal studios tries to bring back one the classic monsters…The Wolfman. Benicio Del Toro plays the tortured man, Lawrence, who is bitten and cursed by the Werewolf when he returns home for his brother’s funeral. A police Inspector arrives to investigate the recent murders in Blackmoor and suspects Lawrence is to blame for them.

“A Vineyard Valentine,” season six, episode 15, originally aired 2/14/2006

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I just watched Argento’s new Dracula. It is awesome. If you like gothic horror, you will love it. Very beautiful cinematography, old school soundtrack style. It is just beautiful. Very different from Copolla’s version, but I think it is way better.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Rotten Tomatoes

Those are some excellent suggestions! I do love a good version of Frankenstein for sure. Be sure to check out The True Story of Frankenstein if you haven’t yet. It is a made for TV movie from 1973. I think you will enjoy it.

He was the town teacher and choirmaster

Not quite Argento’s best work but it has some beautiful scenery in it. The Phantom, played by Julian Sands, doesn’t wear the trademark mask. I think it might have been better if Argento had stuck to the usual Phantom that is disfigured. Dario Argento’s beautiful daughter, Asia, plays Christine.