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If you adopt the theological approach, can you not conceive that mankind's ability to improve the quantity and quality of food by carrying out genetic modification is a God-given talent which should be used wisely, and not be rejected out of hand? We need to understand, and Prince Charles needs to understand, and to help the public to understand that, in addition to whatever may be achieved by improvements in population control measures, in conventional agriculture and in more rational distribution of food supplies, feeding the world's exponentially-growing population over the next few decades will require a whole array of genetically-modified foods; foods capable of growing in arid conditions, foods capable of growing in salty soils, foods with enhanced nutritional properties, plants and animals capable of resisting diseases that cause enormous wastage of food.

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Yet activists label genetically enhanced crops as “Franken-food” and oppose this ..
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Dr. E. Ann Clark is an individual who is a resident of Canada. She holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences, an M.S. in Agronomy and a Ph.D. in Crop Production and Physiology. Dr. Clark is an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, with twenty years experience in pasture and grazing management and sustainable agriculture. She is a critic of genetically modified foods and has authored several influential and compelling reports on the issue.

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Genetically enhanced rats that worked their way through ladder-climbing, weight-bearing exercise regimens bulked up more and retained more of their muscles after they stopped working out than exercise-only and genetic-enhancement-only rats.

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The Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food has commenced its study on mandatory labelling of genetically modified foods. This Committee has already heard from the CGSB and Health Canada (May 18, 2000) as well as the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee and the CFIA (May 30, 2000). On June 6, 2000, the Committee heard from the Consumers Association of Canada and action reséau Consommateur. Following the adjournment of the House of Commons for the summer, no further committee hearings are scheduled until after Parliament reconvenes in mid-September.

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To enhance the quality of life of Canadians in terms of health, safety, the environment and social and economic development by positioning Canada as a responsible world leader in biotechnology.

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EC believes that:
Integrating the principles and practices of sustainable development into our daily lives will be a continuous, dynamic process that will require patience and persistence.
EC will provide leadership in building a Canada in which the economic, environmental and social signals of government clearly point in the same direction. With respect to regulation:
Enhancing EC's capacity to employ science, socio-economic analysis and market-based approaches particularly in the implementation of legislation.
The Department will:
develop in the implementation of the - together with other government departments and other stakeholders - economic instruments and market based approaches to prevent and contain environmental degradation and to promote the sustainable use of resources;
develop guidelines, programs and other measures for the implementation of these instruments and approaches;
meet the challenges of the climate change issues; and
work in partnership with other stakeholders to undertake research, strengthen voluntary actions that involve all Canadians, and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.