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Costner's laid-back, folksy style disguises what will be self-evident to anyone watching "Dances With Wolves": his directorial debut reveals a film maker driven by an attention to detail.

Dances with Wolves was as much a film of its time as any other film.

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Two Socks and Cisco are the main two symbols in Dances with Wolves.

Despite the notoriety afforded tothe full-blooded orchestral majesty of the score's largest themes,Dances With Wolves, like many Barry scores of the era, is besttempered when toning back the ensemble to simple woodwind melodies overstrings and harp, the most intoxicating moments actually reflectinglovely solo flute performances of subthemes in this score, mixed at anechoing distance from the rest of the ensemble to convey the somewhatotherworldliness of the West for Dunbar.

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The many themes of theDances With Wolves score are its greatest strength, regardless oftheir inability to mingle appropriately or evolve significantly.

A sense of adventure and drama is the feeling "Dances with Wolves" gives us.

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Pulled in by the common straightforwardness of their lifestyle, he decides to abandon his previous life to go along with them, tackling the name Dances with Wolves....

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After winning an Academy Award for Out of Africa, he suffered aruptured esophagus and later dedicated his score for Dances WithWolves to the doctors who saved his life.

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Poledouris felt so stronglyabout his friendship to director John Milius that he abandoned DancesWith Wolves only to discover, later, that the Milius film would bedelayed by half a year, opening up the entire time in which DancesWith Wolves was scored.

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After being contractually bound tothe picture, however, Poledouris withdrew from Dances With Wolvesbecause its recording schedule was set to overlap that of the ridiculousaction flick Flight of the Intruder.

Another main character is Standing with a Fist, who marries Dancing with Wolves.

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His insistenceupon repeating each phrase of a theme twice, utilizing static, slowtempos and instruments in the same roles in almost every circumstance,and rarely manipulating or layering his melodic ideas with any technicalacuity all cause a score like Dances With Wolves to make cynicsroll their eyes.

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Butif you're stuck lamenting the arguably problematic circumstances justdescribed, then you're missing the point of Dances WithWolves.

It remains a classic score by nearly all definitionsbecause of its perfectly tailored emotional appeal in the context of thefilm and its harmonic resonance on album, precisely the characteristicsyou hoped for when Barry was able to take this assignment.

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With everything from Somewhere in Time to Out of Africaall beginning to sound very alike in structure and instrumentation,Dances With Wolves really represented Barry's last attempt,whether he knew it at the time or not, to parade his broad string andsimple melodic style at its best.