Jimmy, stop sending Lite Brites to everyone at Christmas.

I also wonder if she was being pressured to reconcile with Jim Carrey (who, btw, is every bit as rabidly loony an anti-vaxxer as his ex McCarthy) so she could get him into the cherch. The fact that Scientologists assured Cathriona’s friends that she could handle the pressure would seem to indicate so.


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It was Christian Stolte and the guy who was the pastor on the show . Texas met him in a bar. He was also in NYPD blue. Of course they may be alias’s of Jimmy 3. They have never been seen in the same room.

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Well this is VERY interesting. Tragic and sad but interesting none the less. If she was involved in Becks circle that means she was friends with the Ribisi’s. Gina, Giovanni and Marisa. I tweeted to Gina and Vonni in hopes that they see it. I predict being blocked very shortly by both of them. I also tweeted to Jim Carrey to beg him to not let Scientology silence their connection. I am pretty sure they have or already are burning her folders right now. They will instruct the staff to forget she was ever there and her twin is being sec checked into oblivion right now if they haven’t already been declared. Tweet it out and spread the word. THIS story is the most important one of the year and needs to go VIRAL right now.

And her suicide is because she was “connected” to Jim Carrey the big ole SP…
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To those still inside the bubble of the Church of Scientology, the only thing they will take away from this event is that Jim Carrey truly is a suppressive person, as evidenced by his public ridicule of Dianetics and Scientology in the past. This incident will reinforce the idea that suppressive people are truly 1.1 and that Jim was only pretending to be supportive of Cathriona’s involvement in Scientology, but was actually covertly suppressing her and she went PTS to him.

Additionally Mr Carreys’ excesses are well ..

I feel a closeness to Jim Carrey. I saw him at Yuk-Yuk’s when he was in his teens or early twenties. He was not even the headliner. He was much funnier than the headliner, much, much funnier, but had yet to learn the ways of the stage. I knew he was going to be a star. I spoke to the president of Yuk-Yuk’s years later. He knew it, too. So I followed his career. I read “The Joker is Wild” about his career. I have lived within a mile of his home, but at a different time, and I have talked to people who met him.

but we can protect ourselves with a gun in real life when ..

I can tell you from first hand experience growing up in, being enslaved by the church, and attempting suicide to escape, that the church’s actions 100% contributed to her killing herself. 100%. All of the things that you have pointed out about her are true. She was clearly NOT doing well. You can see that from her last 3 days of Twitter posts. She died on a Thursday. The HARDEST day in any Scientology org. It is the worst day of the week and if you look at her twitter closely you will see that on the weekend she was at Nobu having a belated birthday dinner. Then gets progressively more dark until her final tweet on Thursday. Having gone through the ringer in the church myself I can tell you that she was probably put under mental stress that would rival the techniques used in Gitmo. It is not surprising that someone, who by all accounts, was extremely sensitive, took her own life after everything that had happened in her personal life and in the church. The process she was on has made a lot of people go nuts. So there is that too. But she may have even been punished for having Jim break up with her. Celebrity is EVERYTHING to the church. And if she couldn’t do her job and CLOSE Jim on being a Scientologist then she would be deemed a worthless, out ethics, degraded being piece of shit. I was told those things and more on the day I drank industrial strength bleach and tried to kill myself. So it is not lightly that I accuse the church of murder. It is from experience of my own attempted murder that I accuse them.

but these are fringe works where The Cable Guy is mainstream camp ..

Another point that will be circulated by Scientology about Jim Carrey is that he is (or has been) on “Psych Lines.” Certainly this would cause the demise of anyone he is connected to.