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The Health Care Outcomes domain includes nine measures of the health of populations. Taken together, they are intended to reflect outcomes that are attributable to the performance of the countries’ health care delivery systems. The measures fall into three categories: population health outcomes (i.e., those that reflect the chronic disease and mortality of populations, regardless of whether they have received health care), mortality amenable to health care (i.e., deaths under age 75 from specific causes that are considered preventable in the presence of timely and effective health care), and disease-specific health outcomes measures (i.e., mortality rates following stroke or heart attack and the duration of survival after a cancer diagnosis).

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Black Mirror season 4 'Metalhead' review: This lo-fi thriller is invigoratingly different

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I challenge my students to really focus on the process. I pointout that it is the leader's job, as much as the "mirror's" to see thatthe exercise works. The leader does not try to trick his partner--onthe contrary, he works very hard to trick him. It is theleader's responsibilty to perform movements that the "mirror" can followprecisely. I remind the leaders that they should be looking rightat their partners, because their partners look at them, andtherefore the only way the mirror illusion can be perfect is if the leaderalso looks at the partner. (If the leader looks away, and the "mirror"duplicates this movement, the "mirror" can no longer see the leader tomirror him.)Once you've got all the students concentrating on mirroring, have themswitch leaders a few times. At first, every time they switch leadersthey'll have to start over, but they should reach the point where theycan switch leaders in mid-stream, without interrupting the smooth folowof movement. If the group is older and advanced enough, see if theycan switch leaders without communicating ahead of time. (When the"mirror" feels it is time to take over, he simply takes over, and the originalleader is sensitive enough to perceive it and become the "mirror.")Eventually this exercise can grow to involve the whole body, and evenmovement in space (locomotion), but be wary of beginning this too soon. I usually don't do it at all except with my older students. It istoo difficult. I use the metaphor of model building. Some peoplebuy the biggest, most elaborate model kit they can find, and take pleasurein building something really complicated. But others take their pleasureout of making a simpler model absolutely perfect in every detail. The second attitude is the one it is necessary to apply to mirrors if theirfull value is to be had.

A different mirror : a history of multicultural America

As Clyde Kluckhohn had explained in "Mirror for Man", the best explanation for any human action is the "concept of culture." One cannot clearly define this idea, but through the comparison of two different groups of people hopefully one can better understand the meaning of culture....

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Safe care includes three survey items: two indicators of safe care based on patient reports of experiencing medical, medication, or laboratory mistakes, and failure to receive effective prescription medication management, as well as one measure indicating whether primary care doctors use electronic clinical decision supports in their practice to improve safety.

Ronald Takaki’s A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America

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In a lively account filled that is with and the voices of people that were in the past left out of the historical armament, Ronald Takaki proffers us a new perspective of America’s envisioned past.

There are many types of glass mirrors, each representing a different manufacturing process and reflection type. An aluminium glass mirror is made of a float glass manufactured using vacuum coating, i.e. aluminium powder is evaporated (or "sputtered") onto the exposed surface of the glass in a vacuum chamber and then coated with two …

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In other words, the phenomena of a miracle is a manifestation of spiritual energy in the material world.The soul is fundamentally different from the subtle body, meaning that the soul is a living person, the source of life and individuality of the operator, and the subtle body is an operating program that does not have an independent life and it seems alive only because it is animated by the soul.And the soul with the help of software – the psyche, manipulates the machine of a physical body through the computer of the brain.