Warsaw - Unconfirmed report of a large concentration camp facility.

However, most of them were strictly used to penalize political prisoners.

Nazi Concentration Camps

The concept of Nazi concentration camp was very different from the normal concentration camps.

Famous account of Soviet labor and concentration camps.

Many concentration camps were set up throughout the world in the modern era.

Reagan Orders Concentration Camps

A person named Terry Kings wrote an article on his discoveries of camps located in southern California. His findings are as follows:

Concentration Camps Located Throughout USA.

A Russian internee in the infamous Buchenwald Concentration camp confronts one of his tormentors in this photo take after the camp’s liberation by elements of the U.S. 3rd Armored Division.

This huge list contains the names of hundreds concentration camps, ..

Auschwitz was regarded as the most effective concentration camp established by the Nazi regime in pursuit of the “Final Solution.” Unknown numbers of people of various nationalities perished in the camp. Even today the name holds a cold and somber connotation.

State-By-State Index Of Potential US Concentration Camps

In 1997, there were already 43 concentrations camps ready to imprison Christians and other patriotic people, who want to be governed by the Constitution. If the Clintons' hatred for Christians and other constitutionalists seems incredible to you, then ask yourself why the White House instructed the FBI this year to regard us as terrorists. Under this guise, Comrade Clinton can raid the homes of innocent saints and patriots, take them away to never be seen again as in Nazi Germany, and the media will make everyone think they were criminals. In 1997, 20 more concentration camps were under constrction.

State-By-State Index Of Potential US Concentration Camps ..

The most current reliable figures from scholars are at least 500,000 and perhaps as many as over three-quarters of a million died as a result of the inhuman slave labour, hunger and disease in concentration camps.

Fema Concentration Camps Across America | Executive …

The concentration camp at Auschwitz had a total camp area of 40 square kilometers with a surrounding radius of five kilometers for isolation. The 28 two-story buildings which made up the camp were divided into three sections: Auschwitz I (the base camp and central office), Auschwitz II (Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monoscwitz with the sub-camp and buna).

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There are over 100 primary and secondary concentration camps across the US. Each houses about 20,000 prisoners. Currently the largest of these facilities is the just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a gigantic mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people. The majority of these facilities have no prisoners but are currently staffed by military personal. The camps all have have railroad facilities, as well as roads, coming and going out of them, to get there. Also quite a few are closed down military bases and are adjacent to airport facilities.

minimum working day of eleven hours in all concentration camps.

In September 1939, the town of Oswiecim and its surrounding areas in Poland joined to become Auschwitz. During that same year, Gestapo Inspector SS-Oberfuhrer Wiegand initiated the idea of transforming Auschwitz into a major concentration camp. Auschwitz was located at the center crossroads of many Polish cities, and, therefore it was an ideal location for the shipping of incoming prisoners from German occupied Europe.