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Sports are meant to be fun, right? A bit of friendly competition, a bit of bonding…and sometimes a trip to the ER. Most sports run the risk of an injury or two and some are more dangerous than others. There’s no definitive way to rank which sports are most dangerous, but we’ve used data from the on ER admissions to find the sports with the highest number of injuries in a year. Of course, this doesn’t account for the fact that some sports are more popular than others – hockey is generally acknowledged to be pretty hazardous, but the total number of injuries doesn’t come anywhere near the more popular sports simply because fewer people play it. Also, there are some activities that are both functional and competitive – like cycling and skateboarding – but for the purposes of the list we’ve decided to include them. And before you decide to stop your child playing any sport ever, bear in mind that every total list is less than

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BASE jumper Miles Daisher on the world's most dangerous sport

BASE Jumping: The World's Most Dangerous Sport

You don't have to look far to find BASE jumping in the news these days. Recently, four men were charged in relation to a jump from One World Trade Center, an adventure captured in . But thrilling tales of adventure seem to overpower those of danger. In February, a newlywed BASE-jumped to her death in Utah's Zion National Park, when her parachute failed to open as her new husband looked on. And now comes the confirmation that a BASE jumping legend met his end in March, while jumping near the same spot.

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All these sports come with inherent risks, but swimming is the only one where you put yourself in danger by just entering the sports arena. Humans aren’t ideally designed to breathe in the water, and so it’s possible for even experienced swimmers to get into danger in the pool if something unexpected happens. But it’s not drowning that causes most

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Last month saw the release of BASE, a new film about one of the most dangerous sports known to man, which starred daredevil jumper Alexander Polli

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