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For Cody Lambert, one such moment was a conversation with Lane Frost that took place on an early-morning flight from Texas to Colorado the day before the 25-year-old’s untimely death on July 30, 1989.

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but found peace from a conversation he’d just had with Lane on that plane

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Born the seventh child of seven children in El Paso, Texas in1963, Tuff later became the PRCA's world champion bull rider in 1986, 1989and 1991, and was also the PBR's world champion in 1995.

When one watches "8 Seconds" they are left with the impressionthat Lane Frost had become the world champion before Tuff, but in factTuff achieved the status one year prior to Frost in 1986.
As his nickname indicates, Tuff has endured numerous injuries over theyears only to comeback and do it again.

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But after breaking his neck for a third time in March of 1998,Tuff decided to hang up his spurs and retire from active competition laterthat year.

In 1997, Tuff was also inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.
There are many other cowboys worthy of mention such as 8 time world bullriding champion Donny Gay, Lane Frost's mentor and hero Freckles Brown,Jim Sharp, Larry Mahan, Ty Murry, Charlie Sampson, Dan Mortenson, the Etbaurbrothers, Fred Whitfield, Joe Beaver, Casey Tibbs, Joe Alexander and JimShoulders, but since we lack enough information to do these men justice,we will hold off until we do.
Let's say you go to the US and you get to talking with the local cowboysabout rodeo, there is one individual that is an absolute must that youknow, or you are sure to be the laughing stock of the crowd.

Josh described Lane’s death as a “freak deal.” As for the pressure of competing with the Frost name, that also isn’t something the brothers think about. In fact, Joe relishes it, especially when his cousin is brought up in the conversation.
Jan 15, 2014 · In Conversation with Helen Frost Welcome to a new year. In December, I asked Helen Frost to do an interview for January focusing on the William Stafford centennial. We have emailed one another over the last few weeks about Oregon’s former Poet Laureate as we honor his legacy.

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The day after Lane's death, radio personality Paul Harvey, whosesyndicated program was carried by more than 1,200 stations, read anobituary that he had personally written that morning. It closedwith, perhaps, the single most memorable line written about theindelible young bull rider: "Lane Frost is forever 25."

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