Impress your friends with your gardening knowledge.

The CHS computer lab consists of 80 desktop computers. We currently have two lab open for teachers to bring their students to utilize the lab. Teachers must reserve the lab in advance.

growing your favorite veggie varieties, just a click away..........

Find vegetable seeds, garden recipes, answers to plant problems, and much more.

Get someone else to hold the vegetables while you chop.

“I was supposed to be the radio operator but I also dispatched, did the waybills for the freight, tied up and fuelled aircraft, and herded loggers and miners on and off the planes,” she told Ms. Render. “I took a dunking more than once while trying to push a drunk logger onto a plane.”

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Last year at Post Falls High School, 600 students — about half of the school — staged a lunchtime walkout to protest the new rules. Some carried signs that read: “We need teachers, not computers.”

Find plant history, medicinal value, and interesting facts, tips and trivia.

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Denied a job as a pilot, she still managed to fly bush planes and landed a job as an airline radio operator. She also formed the Flying Seven, an elite group of Canadian aviatrixes.

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- America's oldest seed company - the first to put seeds in a packet - a North Western favorite Thought for the Day: I want to grow my own food, but I can't find bacon seeds.

A little vegetable garden trivia goes a long ways at the dinner table.

Just so you know, Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables.

Rejected in the United States, Miss Fane returned to Vancouver determined to organize her own informal club. The Flying Seven, formed on Oct. 15, 1936, captured the imagination of Vancouver by staging a dawn-to-dusk flight the following month. A Golden Eagle and a pair each of Fleets, Fairchilds, and Gypsy Moths took 25-minute spins in the air, a member taking-off as another landed. The stunt began precisely at 6:59 a.m. when Tosca Trasolini took off without a hitch despite drizzle and a dangerous ground fog at Sea Island Airport, today the site of Vancouver International Airport.

Vegetable Gardening Plant Care:   Garden Hobbies, loaded with vegetable gardening tips.

“I fought for my country,” she said. “Now I’m fighting for my kids.”

As an alternative to large CD ROM packages, there is an increasing number of useful sites on the World Wide Web, where students can get instruction and practice in language skills such as reading, listening and writing.

Cross reference common plant names to botanical names, for your favorite vegetables.


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