This illustrates the imagination of Beatrix Potter.

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New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1941Potter, Beatrix.

and 's , and Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit will be compared and contrasted.

Lane, Margaret and Beatrix Potter. : Warne, 1978. Print.

. Sendak’s In The Night Kitchen sparked great controversy upon its release, quite unlike Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which is often considered a safe story-time staple found on library, classroom, and home bookshelves for children across the continent. While these two picture books seem altogether different, there are in fact some striking similarities. . Furthermore, both . When each story does end, however, the reader is left with very different feelings and, would argue, varying levels of satisfaction as well. .

A. Numeroff, Laura Peet, Bill Pfister, Marcus Potter, Beatrix Rey, H.

To conclude, I will further support my arguments by examining the final images that each of these two picturebooks leave with the reader. As discussed earlier, Potter’s penultimate illustration in Peter Rabbit pushes Peter, both figuratively and visually, to the margins of his own home, barely visible from his bed in the background. Indeed, the evidently removes Peter from the story entirely. While the intention is likely to reinforce the moral of this story by shifting the focus to the well-behaved triplets, I contend that ending the story on this note conveys a much stronger message about Peter’s punishment—he is left lonely, alienated, and even forgotten. In this reevaluation of two highly noted examples of children’s literature,

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