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The splicing or joining of bone and ivory needle-spear sections may well have served a purpose other than the repair of broken spearpoints, however, since the splicing of unbroken sections together to obtain greater length may have been practiced also. The average length of reported needle-spears seems to be about 250 mm (10 inches), although lengths up to 321 mm (13 inches) have been noted. The writer proposes that the maximum length required by Early Man may well have been as much as 393 mm to 443 mm (16 to 18 inches) in some cases such as the hunting of mammoths. In order to obtain needle-spears of such great lengths when mammoth femurs were not available, the splicing of two or more shorter bone sections may have sufficed. It is also quite possible that most needle-spears were initially made as long as 16 to 18 inches before breakage, splicing, and resharpening took place in the course of their

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Later in time, Early Man learned not to depend upon chance to furnish him a defensive weapon; there might not always be a rock, bone, wooden club or long pole near at hand when he most needed it. He learned to carry such weapons with him as he foraged for food, and he learned to use his weapons offensively in hunting as well as defensively when he, himself, was being hunted. He learned to select his weapons by weight, length, and balance, and to modify them slightly to fit his purposes or to make them more effective. He began to sharpen the heavy end of his wooden poles and they became spears; he chose wood or bone clubs with heavy knotted ends or sharp projections. Thus equipped, Man then set out to conquer the whole earth. And conquer the world, he surely did. From a starting point in either Africa, the Middle East, or southern Asia, and armed only with a club and a spear, he, in time, ccupied every habitable corner of the Earth.

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The Paleo-Indian sites of Florida that contain bone and ivory weapon points are without exception underwater sites, and the projectile points were recovered by scuba divers. These weapon tips of bone and ivory were recovered from offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, sinkhole springs, and inland rivers of central, northern and northwestern Florida. These bone and ivory spearheads are called by the divers "bone pins" and they usually make no distinction between double-pointed, double-beveled, pointed and beveled, bone or ivory. In their reports and publications, all are called by the generic term "bone pins." Unknown hundreds ofthese "bone pins" are in the private collections of skin and scuba divers in Florida and southern Georgia. A
great collection of these bone and ivory spearpoints and leister fishspear points are in the Florida State Museum at Gainesville, however, and this writer has examined a great number of specimens in company with Ripley and Adelaide Bullen in the museum storeroom. This writer has talked with Ben Waller and other divers about the subject and viewed their collections. An unbelievable mass of Paleo-Indian lithic and bone material lies unreported and unstudied in these private collections and museums of Florida. In an interview with Ben I.

From the book description `The Skin Collector' seemingly has some connection with `The Bone Collector' (the first Lincoln Rhyme book).

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A tabloid size paper is 9 7/8" x 14 5/8" with an inch leftover on each side for margins. Columns typically are 3 1/4"allowing for three per page. Experience has found that this size iseasy to lay out and more importantly, easy to read. There is anindirect ratio between readability and academic snobbishness. Avoidthe textbook look. Remember, the New York Times in its low formrepresents the Death Kulture.

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Washington - Four fragments of a bone spearhead or foreshaft were found at the Marmes Site in southeastern Washington state. Indications are that the original length of the implement was perhaps 220 mm. before breakage occurred. The fragments were found associated with portions of a human skeleton and dated between 10,000 and 11,000 years BP (Fryxell, et. aI., 1968) Evidence suggests that the human remains found with the bone implement represent a person that had been eaten by his fellows.