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Although I agree with you that little girls should be praised more for their finer qualities, I also believe that they should be complemented when they are looking good.
I grew up to be an international model with a very firm head on my shoulder and no eating disorder whatsoever , because my parents taught me , that beauty is not just how you look but it is also about who you are. I was complimented about my looks all my life but was still an A grade student who did volunteer work in her spare time.
This is what I am trying to inculcate in my 5 year old daughter. I tell her everyday , she is beautiful, she can achieve everything that she sets her mind to do, when she works hard .She is praised for her helpfulness, when she shares, her empathy and her thoughtfulness. She is amongst top 5% high achieving students in her grade and still thinks she is a pretty princess.
As parents, aunts and uncle we need to make them confident individuals and like it or not , we are all judged from the beginning on how we look. I believe give them so much self confidence and support that when they go out to face the world , no matter what anyone says and does , they still believe in their own selves.

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While i agree with what was said about finding other topics to discuss rather than looks is a hood idea. I also think that people need to remind their daughters that real beauty is on the inside. Girls need to be told they are beautiful the way they are no matter what. But learn to balance such compliments, so they understand beauty isnt everything. I tell my daughter everyday she is beautiful, because she is.

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Let our little girls grow up to be intelligent, self-aware, independent thinking women with minds as bright as the sun and who’s physical stature is as radiate and as beautiful as the lilies of the field.

24/09/2014 · 'Beautiful and vibrant' nurse, 28, hanged herself after becoming tormented by chronic psoriasis
'Beautiful and vibrant' nurse, 28, hanged herself after becoming tormented by chronic psoriasis. Hollie McEwen fell into depression after suffering from severe psoriasis

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There’s an old story about 2 sisters,. The first sister, a beautiful girl, all her life, heard her parents talk about how smart her sister was. The other, a brilliant mind, heard only about how beautiful her sister was. As adults, the first sister thought herself to be stupid, and the second sister thought herself to be ugly.

24/09/2014 · 'Beautiful and vibrant' nurse, 28, hanged herself after becoming tormented by chronic psoriasis. Hollie McEwen fell …

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My 3rd grade–now 4th grade I imagine, granddaughter was visiting for the first time since January when she and her parents and brother moved out of state. I made oatmeal for her and unlike the other grandkids, she said she liked it and we discussed the small dash of cinnamon I had put in it. As she talked, she seemed so much older in the 5 months since she left and, golly, she was beautiful. I searched for a way to tell her this, but something held me back. Our conversation was about breakfast and other things and that made me realize, as it was happening, that her beauty in my mind was something I didn’t need to share.
Thanks for opening my eyes to see that I did something good! I will continue as I have 8 other granddaughters below the age of 18.

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I’m the proud mother of two boys (age 9 and 14), and I often comment to them on their beauty. And on their interesting thoughts, their interests and so on. I tell them I don’t care about their marks, but that I care about their commitment to homework and school.
They love being told they’re loved. For their appearence, mind, and soul. They share their love of gaming, reading, playing, jumping etc. with me. And tell me that I am beautiful too.
I have a lovely niece (age 8). She is also beautiful, clever, funny, hard-working and interesting to be with. So I tell her the same things, and listen to her stories, thoughts, and dreams.
So, basically, all children need to be beautiful. Tell them that they are! They also need to hear that they are interesting. So tell that too. The reward is an insight into their thoughts and beliefs, which are often deep and philosophical.