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There is great conjecture about Shakespeare's childhood years, especially regarding his education. Scholars surmise that Shakespeare attended the grammar school in Stratford. While there are no records extant to prove this claim, Shakespeare's knowledge of Latin and Classical Greek would tend to support this theory. In addition, Shakespeare's first biographer, Nicholas Rowe, wrote that John Shakespeare had placed William "for some time in a free school." John Shakespeare, as a Stratford official, would have been granted a waiver of tuition for his son. As the records do not exist, we do not know how long William may have attended the school, but the literary quality of his suggests a solid educational foundation. What is certain is that William Shakespeare never proceeded to university schooling, which has contributed to the debate about the of his works.

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The sample provided here are grouped into several topic areas: life events – childhood; life
events – adulthood; identity; the present; aging; and life lessons and legacies. Depending on the purpose of your interview, various questions may be more or less useful.

No single set of questions will elicit all the stories you might be interested in. The most useful questions will be those you develop through your own knowledge about the person. The trigger questions provided may be helpful as a start. They're meant to be suggestive, not absolute. Pick and choose among them as you feel is appropriate. And change the wording to suit your personality and the person you're interviewing. Also keep in mind that one question will lead to another and you should allow the interview to flow naturally from topic to topic as they come up.

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